Thursday, February 28, 2013

Of 4 generations and intentional community

My folks first nine years of married life were passed living in Toronto with his parents, my Nana and Poppa Culver. We all lived in my grandparents three bedroom semi detached in Toronto. My folks my brother and myself lived up stairs turning the bedrooms into a living space complete with a kitchen. Our mom and dad slept on a pull out couch in the "living room". My grand parents occupied the main floor.

We lived with them till i was nine. Some of my fondest childhood memories  were when my grandmothers parents Gram-ma and Grandpa Jakie would come and stay with us, sometimes for three or four months at a time. That made four generations dwelling in that wee town house.

My great grandparents  immigrated from England to Canada with their six children, at the turn of the century, making their home in Toronto. He opened a window and sash company. Apprently they did beautiful stain glass work. Thiertrade mark piece was an iris, by my aunts accounting there are alot of them adoring doors and window in Toronto and the surrounding area.

They settled into a large home on Huntley street. Which my aunt Wynn tells me became a hub of community activity. Besides their children they always had other people living with them. She tells of wonderful evenings passed with everyone in the parlor gathered round the piano.  Of our great grand mother taking in young women who needed help.Our people were used to sharing their home and their lives.

Reflecting on that time in my life in light of the years i have spent in intentional community and raising a family of  seven children, Besides being in my blood, i think those  good experiences and vivid memories laid a foundation for living with others. I actually really enjoy even thrive in that environment.

Mary and i spent our first ten years of our married life in community... and have had people living with us (not including our children) on and off since. This season in our lives is the first time we have ever been on our own.

photo: top left four generations living in TO.
             bottom right my great grand parents and their family landing in Canada