Monday, July 15, 2013

Destiny Unfolds in a Photograph

When i was 9 we moved from my fathers parents home in TO to an apartment in Kitchener  on Thaler Rd. and  a year later to Glen Rd.  in Galt (which is now part of Cambridge.)

Moving to Galt was the beginning of a page in my journey that was to transform my destiny.

In the fall of 1971 I brought a girl home to meet my parents.Her name was Mary Patterson. I had seen her in the hall at School and I was smitten. She was a gorgeous creature, and through a set of circumstances as equally mystifying as what I'm about to share we meet.

My father and i were in the kitchen preparing dinner. My mother  and Mary were in the living rooming perusing through old family photo albums. When suddenly  my mother called us into the living. It turned out that while glancing through the photos they had come across one of me taken at River Side park in Preston when i was ten. I was uncomfortably perched on top of a pony.

When Mary saw the picture, she exclaimed to my mom that , that was 'War Paint". It turned out that at one time Mary's Father had a corral in riverside park and on summer weekends used to give pony rides. Mary's job was to lead the little pinto called War Paint around the corral. Chances are very good that she was there the day the picture was taken and very probable  had been leading that pony around.

It proceeded to get even more intriguing. As the conversation carried on, we found out we were both in grade six at Lincoln Public School at the same time. We were in different classes we had  joint history and music together. I remembered people who sat around her and she remembered people who sat around me. but neither of us remembered each other.

To top it all off. I rode my bike passed her house every day to and from school for that year that i went to Lincoln.. Surely our paths must  have crossed on the road to school.

To think this was all revealed by a chance glimpse of a  photograph .

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