Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It seems fitting that the birthing of this blog would be on my eldest son Aaron's fourth wedding anniversary. Besides the fact that he and Kartika gave us our 4th grandchild a year ago this past December, a little girl... Love the three of ya.
When Aaron was younger he was positive that he would never marry or date a "hippie". If you know my wife and I you would be able to put that statement into context. Suffice it to say are still refered to as that "hippie couple". To be honest, now it's "old" hippy couple.

As the warning goes, never say never. Aaraon meet Kartika, and Darn, if she didn't turn out tobe the sweetest little "hippie chick" one could imagine. Her back ground is Hari Krishna. Her family lived in a Temple during her formative years.

By the time they meet Aaraon had wandered far from his faith heritage. Kartika was instrumental in encouraging him back to his faith roots. Challenging him to hounour the "Lord"with his life. I love this little girl.

It had always been Kartika's dream to have a traditional Vedic Wedding. I was relatively familiar with the cerimony having lived in India and having dear friends who are involved with the Christ Bakti Movement.

Aaron approached me and asked if I would participate in an interfaith Wedding Cerimony. He desired a Celtic Christian expression in tandem with the edic Vedic cerimony.. I responded in a hearty affirmative.

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