Saturday, May 12, 2012


Aaron and Karttika sought out a priest to preside over the Hindu portion of their Wedding. They came across Drupida. Initially he called me with a bit of trepidation. You have to understand that his previous contact with "Christians" had been confrontational to say the least. Drupida and I made an instant connection.We cordially agreed that there would be no proselytizing at the celebration.

Aaron and his beloved live in BC so all the arrangements had to be made long distance. Karttika's family would take care of the feast. This would be easier all the way around due to their dietary codes. The Culvers' would organize the rest.

Things came together beautiful. It was a family affair. Everyone pitched in where they could. Our middle daughter and her husband would host the gathering at there place, a gorgeous Victorian Manse with a massive yard in a small rural town. A perfect setting.

About an hour before the ceremony, Drupida asked if I would do the honor of aiding him with the Vedic portion. I was overwhelmed. I'll have to pray about it and get back to you was my reply.You have to understand, most of our family are Christians and i didn't want to stumble anyone.I confirmed with my wife and one of our other son's, after praying about his request I felt to go ahead.

We had some wonderful dialogue about faith. I was very familiar with the Vedic ceremony. It is full of beautiful symbols and types. When it comes to the wedding ceremony, all the Bible is clear on is the sacredness of a covenant between a couple before God, the rest that comes down to us is tradition.

The Vedic tradition opens with a purification right. A brass spoon is used to place three drops of water on the palm of the right hand which are slushed away. Three more drops are placed , then lapped up from the palm.

"Father Son Holy spirit cleanse me. Father, Son Holy Spirit, Living Water" I remarked to Drupida as we discussed the proceedings that morning. He looked at me quite excitedly and replied "you got that out of the purification rite. "Yes.. Jesus is all over your ceremony", I countered. "The only thing I can't do with a clear conscience is chant Hari Krishna and repeat the prayers. Would you have a problem with me doing it "My Sweet Lord" style... while your chanting I sing Hallelujah" I inquired. "Fine by me", was his reply.

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